"In Acts...Paul is denied the title of Apostle." (Hengel & Schwemer, Paul between Damascus and Antioch (John Knox Press, 1997) at 321.)

Jesus' Words Only




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Only Jesus (great song by Big Daddy)

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Reviving Focus on Jesus' Words Alone.  [Audio Version]

Our mission is to proclaim our Lord Jesus' lesson that He was the "sole teacher" (Matthew 23:8-11) and "sole pastor." (John 10:16 G. poimen.) He sternly told the apostles they were not to call themselves or anyone else a "teacher"! In John, Jesus explained why when He insisted that the "apostolos is not more important than the one who sent him." (John 13:16.) The Greek word apostolos means either the title of Apostle or messenger or one that is sent. Here Jesus meant He was more important than any Apostle or messenger.

Even John the Baptist realized that despite knowing he himself was the greatest prophet who ever lived prior to Jesus (Matthew 11:11), yet he "must decrease" so that unfettered acceptance of Jesus' message would "increase." (John 3:30-31.)

Once Jesus began preaching the kingdom, then it would rob him of the authority God gave Jesus to treat anyone else's words -- particularly from mere correspondence whose author does not claim to quote Jesus or God -- as an authority on the same level as Jesus: "All authority has been given me in heaven and on earth." (Matthew 28:18.) For more on this principle, see our article "The Jesus' Words Only Principle Explained from Numbers 12 & Deut. 18."


Competing Love For Paul / Pauline Doctrine.

The Modern Church has instead fallen in love with Paul, or, more correctly, the points in Paul's writings that soften the requirements of costly grace which Jesus taught. This causes a vying for control over the church. Either Paul and his Dispensation of Grace applies, or Jesus and His costly grace gospel applies, as Bonhoeffer highlighted. We have developed two masters. Mainstream Christian theologians largely defend dismissing Jesus' words as applicable only to a prior dispensation of Law. Sometimes this is called Dispensationalism or Covenant Theology, but it all ends up the same: marginalizing Jesus' words. The famous theologian Rudolf Bultmann even claimed Paul teaches us in Second Corinthians 5:16 that it is necessary to treat Jesus's teachings pre-resurrection as irrelevant. (Bultman on Paul.)

Based upon this, Bultmann has influenced evangelical seminaries ever since to teach young pastors to emphasize the message of Paul, dismissing as largely irrelevant the words of Jesus. To dismiss Jesus' words as pertinent only to a supposedly old covenant of Law disregards entirely the prophecies that the New Testament was supposed to place the Law more proximately on our hearts, and God would give us a heart wanting to obey His statutes. See our New Testament in Prophecy. PS The Law on Gentiles in the Law is a short list -- largely just the Ten Commandments. Importantly, Gentiles had the option to use atonements provided in the Law - and this is why we can invoke Jesus' atonement for us. See Law Applicable to Gentiles.

Bultmann's influential dismissal of any ongoing validity to Jesus' words in the New Covenant Scriptures, putting all the emphasis on Paul's words, proves the danger of two masters as Jesus said: you will love the one and hate the other. (Matthew 6:24.) This is where the church is today--having been wooed from its first love for Christ. To avoid making any apostle a competing master, we must remember the apostles only had one inspired function -- that is when they served to carry Jesus' words (John 14:26), that is, when they serve the role of a "messenger" -- the meaning of the Greek word apostolos. Otherwise, they are at best edifying.

Growing Realization Of This Truth In The Church.

This message of focusing only on the words of Jesus as the New Covenant inspired scripture appears overdue. The hunger for this information is reflected  by the number of visitors. Since January 2008 through April 30, 2020, there have been over 18 million hits, increasing at a present rate since January 1, 2020 of over 2.8 million per annum. 

By comparison, in all of 2016, the rate was 1.6 million per year. For all of 2019, it was 2.7 million per annum.

Clearly, interest on this topic continues to speedily grow. Yet, rest-assured, nothing is monetized on this site. No cookies, and no tracking.


Over 500 true followers of Jesus / Yahshua have written positive emails and book reviews on Jesus' Words Only and Jesus' Words On Salvation. (See "Reviews" Tab above.) These two books are available here free for download in PDF. (The chapters also have been converted to webpages with free links in the list below.) If you wish to share these books with others, they can also be purchased from Amazon and major online retailers.

Works by other authors are highlighted here because they too draw us to trust only Jesus as our true sole teacher and our divinely-indwelled Lord (John 14:10 "father dwells in me.") For more information on general church topics, including articles and books critical of Paulinism, see the popular "Further Reading" tab.

The links below lead you to this book series free for download or viewing:


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Jesus' Words Only

JesusWordsonlysansnomeJesus' Words Only was written by an evangelical Christian who was motivated to write the book in his quest to reconcile Paul to Jesus' words. The historical origins of the canon prove that it originally was intended to focus only upon Jesus' words as the inspired canon. It was a much later notion to believe that letters of apostles were inspired too. Moreover, upon careful examination, there is no validity to saying "Apostle Paul" was appointed as an apostle of Jesus Christ, as it is not verified by two independent witnesses, as Jesus required for His own status as Son of God. Moreover, Jesus appears in Rev. 2:2 to have intended to condemn Paul for teachings contained in Paul's post-conversion period. Specifically, Paul's permission to eat meat sacrificed to idols, which Jesus condemns in Rev. ch. 2. As a result, this bolsters the conclusion that Jesus is the sole inspired prophet (and more than just a prophet) speaking in the New Covenant writings. All others are secondary and, unless quoting Jesus, not inspired. The weight they deserve is for wisdom, not inspiration. For book reviews and reader comments, see Reviews tab at top.You can buy a google books version at this link.


Jesus' Words On Salvation

JesusWordsSalv-crop2The 584-page book, Jesus' Words on Salvation, is a clear and easily read presentation analyzing carefully every reference by Jesus on the topic of salvation. The author, a Christian attorney, proves Jesus' doctrine of salvation involved more than just faith. Jesus reiterated a believer must have works. "The tree without good fruit is cast in the fire." (Matt. 7:19.) The branch "in me" that bears no fruit is "cut off" and "thrown in the fire." (John 15:2, 6). These verses are corroborated in numerous other passages.

The Preface reviews how the Reformers Tyndale, Melancthon, Bucer, and even the mature Luther made a course correction, and taught "double justification" to incorporate this truth. This doctrine taught that initial salvation is by faith alone for the non-believer. However, once one was a believer, salvation depended upon a secondary justification by works. This is what persuaded Bonhoeffer to teach the same. This book is an effort at a scholarly review which is intended to be readable by anyone. It is designed to be fair, by including all significant sides of the interpretation of the words of Jesus so that the reader can make a fully informed decision on what the final judge, Jesus, will require on Judgment Day.

For reviews and reader comments, see the "Reviews" tab at the top of the page. You can buy a Google books version at this link.


Did Calvin Murder Servetus?

Did Calvin Murder Servetus? We recommend this book because it makes us focus on Jesus by proving one of the icons of the Reformation was quite human. This book examines the conflict between Calvin and Michacalvinel Servetus, a medical doctor and Christian who challenged the doctrine of the trinity while maintaining Jesus' divinity. Servetus published his view that Jesus' divinity derived solely from being the Word, and not from His status as the "eternal" Son of God. John Calvin filed a criminal complaint against Servetus as a heretic for this view and for Servetus dissent from infant baptism. Calvin then had Servetus tried and put to death. The author, Mr. Rives, a practicing attorney and Christian, thoroughly examines the case and concludes that John Calvin deliberately murdered Servetus contrary to his own principles of tolerance of heretics as well as the prevailing laws at Geneva. Rives concludes that Calvin took offense at Servetus' view in 1546 that Calvin had a "doctrine of demons" for believing an infant becomes a member of the New Covenant by baptism. Calvin's revenge was to have Servetus killed for points of doctrine when Calvin himself previously said killing heretics was un-Christian and violates Holy Scripture. If you wish to see Mr. Rives's website, go here. To email him, you can reach him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .