If Paul teaches faith alone, he "is inconsistent with authority greater than his own [i.e., Jesus]...."William Paley (1825)


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 Author of Jesus' Words Only (2007).


The author is a California litigation attorney, in practice for thirty-nine years. In school, he studied Classical Greek and Latin and achieved designation as a Classical Language Scholar. He is also fluent in Spanish and Italian. He graduated law school cum laude in 1981, and was on the board of Law Review.

The author became a Christian at age 15 at a campout of Faith Bible Church on a visit to Florida. Back home in New York City, he was baptized in a Baptist church, and attended a Baptist church for several years. Later, in Los Angeles, he joined the Westwood Hills Christian Church for several years and then for 15 years he belonged to a conservative Presbyterian Church. At each church in California, he served as legal advisor.

A true scholar and prolific author, the author approaches his extensive treatises on spiritual faith from a truly unique perspective. As an accomplished attorney for many years, he advances each quest-to-substantiate through exhaustive research, meticulous analysis, thorough presentation of opposing points-of-view, and indisputable verifications in defining his own interpretations of Christianity and the Bible. In the end, he presents a faithful answer, providing an incomparable bottom-line truth of what is conveyed in the inspired Bible. (Written by K. Atred.)

To contact the author, you can email jesuswordsonlystudies This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


The Author's Beliefs

The author regards himself today as an evangelical Christian whose doctrine is Sole Cristus -- only what the words of Jesus teach -- which includes

  • that we hallow the true name of God -- Yahweh (Matt 6:9) -- which indeed was used repeatedly in the New Testament until removed by the early 300s when the 'infallible name' doctrine caused scribes to remove it -- see link;


    • that the "Father dwells in" Jesus (John14:10, "Father...dwells in me") which renders Jesus "Divine" -- a Jewish term-of-art applicable because of such unique presence in Jesus -- see this link;


  • that Jesus died for our sins in fulfillment of the atonement principle of the Torah-Law, as prophesied in Isaiah 53:6 ("Yahweh has laid upon him the iniquity of all" -see author's link discussion);


  • that Jesus resurrected in fulfillment of the prophecy of Isaiah 53:11 (Dead Sea Scrolls edition from 200 BC) that the atonement-figure would see "light" again after death -- see author's link discussion;


  • that we can go to heaven maimed by repenting of sin or we can go to hell whole, i.e., by not repenting of sin, as Jesus taught (Matt 18:6-9; Mark 9:42-47);


  • that the acts we commit or "every word we speak" (Matt 12:36) are judged by Jesus' Words (John 12:48) and the Law of which Jesus said "not one jot or tittle will be removed" until all things are accomplished when the heaven and earth pass away (Matt 5:17-19).


  • Of special importance to God is that the Gentiles who join into the New Covenant observe the weekly Sabbath as their Day of Rest (see the "Sabbath Command"). This is Saturday in our modern calendar, yet we are free to worship on the Lord's Day (Sunday);


  • that the "greatest in the kingdom" are those who teach the principles of the Law (Matt 5:17-19) - without man-made additions or subtractions, as the Pharisees wrongfully did (Matt 15:623:23), especially emphasizing Jesus' clarifications of misconstructions by the religious leaders of His day;


  • that as we walk in the light by repentance and obedience, the blood of Christ keeps us clean. (1 John 1:7,9.); and


  • that all new followers of Yahshua should be baptized (see "Baptism") in the name of Yahshua (see "Baptism: In Whose Name?") --the true name of Jesus meaning "Salvation of Yah" (see "Yahshua").


  • We can and should pay homage to Jesus / Yahshua as King-Messiah appointed by Yahweh over us besides worshipping God Yahweh. This joint homage copies the practice in Judaism in 1 Chron. 29:20 where it says, "And David said to all the congregation, now bless Yahweh your God. And all the congregation blessed Yahweh, the God of their fathers, and bowed down their heads, and worshipped Yahweh and the king." (KJV, 'worshipped; YLT, 'obeisance;YLT, Jehovah = Yahweh). Such homage to our King Jesus is thus entirely proper, even though it is only for his royal position;



The author believes that only the Law's provisions which apply to "sojourners" or "foreigners" are those intended to apply to Gentiles, viz., most of the 10 commandments are repeated as applicable to them, e.g.Sabbath observance. The author believes provisions which are stated in the Law as applicable only to Sons of Israel are thereby not applicable to Gentiles, e.g., Lev. 12:1-3 (circumcision). See Law Applicable to Gentiles.


Yet, it is no sin to seek to please God by obeying such Laws, for even the Law said "sojourners" / Gentiles could participate in Passover if they were voluntarily circumcised. (Ex. 12:49.) Thus, obviously a Gentile does not sever himself from God by seeking to enjoy Jewish festivals and complying with Laws otherwise applicable only to the children of Israel. The author thus participates in Passover, and urges others to do so, as was practiced by the early church up to the 300s. See link.


The author promotes non-denominationalism and home churches whose only recognized pastor and teacher is Christ in conformance with Jesus' doctrine that He was the "sole teacher" (Matt 23:8, 10) and "sole pastor" (John 10:16.) See link "Jesus on Church Structure."


The author also exhorts adherents of Jesus to support the poor Gentile as well as widows and orphans as the primary beneficiaries of their charity -- a virtue which Jesus exhorted as essential in the Parable of the Sheep & The Goats. Several orphan charities unaffiliated with the author are identified here on the Sabbath Command page under subheading Do Good on the Sabbath near the end.


The author does not seek / request or facilitate donations ever for his benefit. His ministry is 100% as a volunteer. As Jesus said, 'freely you recieved, freely give.' (Matt 10:8.) The author enjoys inquiries about the Bible, or requests for prayer.


The author's primary purpose is to educate more people to find Christ, and those who find Christ to remain loyal to Him as King Messiah over them. The author believes a follower of Christ cannot become allegiant to doctrines from Paul which are not tied directly and exclusively to Christ's words. The author has also come to believe it is important to remember and worship God by His true name -- Yahweh. See this link. And the author also supports the view that Jesus' true name was Yahshua. See this link.


The author has made available free online his entire Jesus' Words Only, Jesus' Words on Salvation, and How Not to Study The Bible, besides dozens of articles. For those who seek a printed-book or e-book to share with others, the author has made them available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but they are not necessary to purchase for yourself if one utilizes the online materials.


Updated 2/26/2020


On the author's autobiographical explanation on how he came to JWO from being a Sunday school teacher and traditional Christian, see My Elder Tells Me It is Ok to Ignore Jesus' Words.


On the article in 2006 posted by Babe Jesu on a forum which most simply and clearly explained the Jesus' Words Only principle which influenced the author, see Babe Jesu's post of March 26, 2006 at this link.


Google Link to Author's childhood residence in an apartment in The Bronx, NY - top floor, right corner.


Family History

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