“I am not talking as the Lord would, but as a fool” (Paul, 2 Cor 11:17)


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Gospel of John

This is the home page of everything to do with the Gospel of John. Some question the gospel; some defend the gospel; some question parts of the gospel. I believe it is authentic at the moment.  However, we must 'test' everything, so here will be studies of all the different questions on the gospel of John.

1. The Validity of the Gospel of John

2. Passion Week in John

3. John 17:3 - Only True God

4. The One and Only Issue: John 1:14

5. Transcriptions of Papyrus in NT including John from International Greek New Testament Project  

6. Transcription of Papyrus P66 of Gospel of John

7. Variants in the Gospel of John

8. Papyri List pre-dating earliest Sinaiticus

9. International Greek New Testament Project - start page.

10. Erroneous Translation of Exodus 3:14 - Not Corrected Due to "I am" Issue in John

11. The Fourth Gospel as an Aramaic Source by Philomena French, Phd. -- PDF. (Mostly about usage of Nazareth in Gospels.)

12. John by Kostenberger - Google Books.

13. 1 John 5 -Robertson's Exposition on verb tenses

14. Perseus Tuft - John's Gospel in Greek - with links to Liddell Scott

15. John 6:39-40, Biased Mistranslations To Support Eternal Security

16. F.F. Bruce, The Gospel of John (most is viewable online)

17. John 8:24 & 25 & John 8:28 - Does Jesus Say He is I Am?