"Paul's reign [is] drawing to a close. Jesus, on the contrary, lives more than ever." (Renan, Saint Paul (1875))


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Only Jesus (great song by Big Daddy)

What Did Jesus Say? (2012) - 7 topics 

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How Not to Study the Bible

The following online free book offers a unique perspective on how not to study the Bible as it lays out the foundation for interpreting the Book independently, free of biased influences. With the tools found in the following chapters, you will put preconceived notions aside and discover the Word and its truth, ultimately leading to a deeper understanding of the Bible as God intended.

NEW: Available as an Ebook at Google Books - entirely free viewing.

Chapter One: No Presuppositions (PDF) or (HTML).
Chapter Two: No Deliberate Ignorance (PDF) or (HTML).
Chapter Three: No Rash Opinions (PDF) or (HTML)
Chapter Four: No Throwing Away of Reason (PDF) or (HTML)
Chapter Five: Not By Piecemeal (PDF) or (HTML)
Chapter Six: No Traditional Reading Order for the Original Testament (PDF) or (HTML)
Chapter Seven: No Traditional Reading Order for the New Testament (PDF) or (HTML)

Bible Study Topics


Strong's Cannot Be Used as a Dictionary

Gen. 1:1

Anger: What Does The Bible Teach?

What the Bible Says About Being in Debt

Doing Good: Is It Optional? Only for Rewards? Or Itself A Command of God Whose Violation is Sin?

Putdowns -- Are they Christian if in Jest?

Online Resources

  • Interlinear New Testament - online English New Testament with Greek interlineated
  • Interlinear New Testament Download - same but in downloaded form
  • Liddell Scott Greek Dictionary (LSJ) - every word of New Testament linked to Greek. Start at this link.
  • E-Sword - free Bible software. In version 9, some Bibles and components which used to be free now cost some money. The free materials -- see this link -- still make this extremely valuable software. The items to purchase are also less expensive than published books.
  • Verse by verse Bible commentary -- freely contributed by layman ... interesting.