"It is of great importance to straighten out this inverting of the relationship, criticizing Christ by Paul, the Master by the disciple." Kierkegaard, My Task (1855)


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Only Jesus (great song by Big Daddy)

What Did Jesus Say? (2012) - 7 topics 

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If you email us, please be aware we may anonymize your email and post it if it is an interesting question or one of appreciation for the spiritual impact from these materials. This will help encourage others who are lovers of Jesus to see questioning Paul is a reasonable position, and does nothing to destroy your love or relationship with Jesus.  


So if you write your appreciation in a personal email, we may post it with your first name / first initial of your name under 'Reviews" tab.


If you don't want even an anonymous posting, please let me know in the content of your email. 


Yet, I would hope you would let me share your experience because it serves as a community encouragement to others to strengthen their bonds to Christ.  By you sharing how the JWO principle here has helped you or your family, it will help others to walk closer to our Lord.

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Under "Reviews" (see tab on top ribbon of every page), there is not only email comments and reviews of the two works I have written -- Jesus' Words Only and Jesus' Words on Salvation, but also there are professional reviews and online blog commentary about each book. So you may wish to read all the reviews on the Reviews tab to see the value others have found studying here. If you have similar comments to encourage others, we welcome you participating in adding to the over 400 appreciative comments thus far. 


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Incidentally, at no point do I ever ask for money for myself or try to sell you on buying my books. They are all posted free online here.  Your only need to purchase any of my books is to provide to friends / family whom will be easier introduced to this JWO principle by means of a book. 

Finally, I may suggest certain charities, but I have no affiliation with any of them. 


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If you email me a critical commentary, you acknowledge I can post it online as a Fair Use. However, I will anonymize your letter (e.g., use just your first name) to protect your privacy. However, if your email specifically says you do not want your critical email posted in whole or part, I will honor that.


I have over 20 critical emails and commentaries by others about my articles / books scattered over my website. Thus if you want to reach our audience, here is your chance. I welcome critical dialogue. As long as it is not hateful  / insulting.