"To see Jesus with bodily eyes is... a wonderful thing! It only remains that we know if it is true. In all ages men have covered falsehoods with the veil of religion, that the appearance of divinity might conceal the human fraud." (Petrach, Decamaron.)


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Only Jesus (great song by Big Daddy)

What Did Jesus Say? (2012) - 7 topics 

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Radio Interview

I was interviewed by Donald J Parker who runs Sword of the Spirit on 6/27/2015 regarding both Jesus' Words Only and Jesus' Words on Salvation. You can listen to it at this link

On July 4th, 2015, we had a second session--but the power went out in the middle. Still got 20 minutes in. You can listen at this link.

Feedback has been great. One listener to the first interview commented:


Joseph on Interview of June 27, 2015 (Sent 10/18/2015)

What a wonderful interview Douglas!! And too, Donald asked so many of the important questions that I believe many Christians wonder about. 

I thought overall, you were very quick witted. I didn't hear any faltering for lack of knowledge of written scripture, like when he wanted to know, specifically, if you were familiar with a particular Bible verse. That shows you are very well versed on the Bible. However, simultaneously, I heard the mindful pauses you gave when gathering your thoughts, in answering certain questions. It showed your thoughtfulness. And to me, it showed your desire to be correct in your answers, based upon what Christ said, not based upon your opinion. A good example is when you were comparing multiple verses to proof/validate (good example is the gentiles vs Israelites with circumcision and passover).  

Short, sweet and Succint where necessary.  Elaboration when important. Coherent and Easily understood (at least to me). Scholarly!!   Intelligent! I also hear humility in your words.

You're awesome Doug. I feel blessed by you. I really mean that.  


Our You Tube Videos

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Audio Reading Articles on Site - Daniel, An Excellent Reader. 


Daniel, a friend of the JWO ministry and an unpaid  volunteer, has done excellent audio readings of several articles on line. We are presently (6/2020) adding several every few days, so keep checking back. Here is what has taken place so far:

Isaiah 28: Saul or Sheol - A Prophecy About Paul? 

Why I don't Follow Paul, and Only Follow Jesus 

The 12 Apostles Reject Paul     


Was Paul A True Apostle of Jesus Christ? 


Mammon Is the Root Prop of Paulinism


Audio Book-Reading of JWO in MP3

A new project for 2011 is to put the book Jesus' Words Only completely in MP3 format. Some have told me that they read it out loud as part of weekly devotions. I want to help. Thus, below are chapters 1-4 as the beginning of placing the entire book, piece by piece onto the Internet in MP3.

Another new effort is to place these messages on Podcasts with Pod-o-Matic. Our link -- under construction -- is at this link: http://jesuswordsonly.podomatic.com . There are only 5 small audios there at present. I will continue working on it. (8/20/2011.)

A new message is a 10 minute summary of the proofs that Jesus warns us not to follow Paul. Jesus did so in several prophecies. (It is in 1 page pamphlet available in PDF at this link.) Here is link to Podomatic:

Jesus' Words Only

Chapter One - links to 15 mp3 files
Chapter Two - links to 8 mp3 files
Chapter Three - links to 7 mp3 files
Chapter Four -- links to mp3 files
Chapter Five -- links to mp3 files


Driving Messages

Introduction to Bentham's book Not Paul But Jesus  (3 min)

Renan's claim that Revelation was intended to refute Paul (3 min)

Paley & Others See Paul Inimical to Jesus' Doctrine (19 min)

Jesus' Words on Salvation

Tyndale - Surprising Opponent of Faith Alone Doctrine (18 min.)

Tyndale - Extraordinay Education & Translation Skills Yet Rejects Faith Alone (12 min)

Repentance or Faith: Which Is To Come First - Part I (7 minutes)

Repentance or Faith: Which Is To Come First - Part II (11 minutes)


Audio Reading of Webpages at jesuswordsonly.github.io


A new project begun in 2013 is to use Natural Reader software to quickly convert all the webpage text into mp3 files. This will assist sight-impaired visitors as well as anyone who would prefer hearing the content than reading it. 

Here is a link to a special webpage -- Audio Version of Webpages -- that has the entire structure of the website, with the normal links along with the audio links in yellow highlight.

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