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Newsletter March 27, 2020

As we are all bearing with the Coronavirus epidemic - Covid 19 - we pray all of you are safe and sound. It is a time to reflect upon Yahweh, and ask for healing of our land, and all nations of the world. 

if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7:14.)


So let's on a personal and spiritual level follow that prescription for healing this pandemic. This verse reminds us that we are each tied together to make this joint effort and prayer. 


I thought I would bring to your attention some of the latest news since 2015. Five years is a lot of time, and a lot of articles have happened since the last email newsletter. 


There are major learning events since then to review quickly first. 



The Purpose of Acts

First, since then I learned that Luke was writing Acts as part two of Luke's Gospel to inform a legal defense team of Paul at the upcoming trial of Paul at Rome before Nero. See link

This makes sense now why there seems in Acts to be a focus of exonerating Paul for Trophimus' entry into the Temple in an uncircumcised state, thereby abominationg it which incensed  the Jews from Asia visiting the Temple against Paul -- Trophimus' traveling companion.

This also explains why Luke mentions the famous Python priestess -- a demon-possessed sothsayer who was paid handsomly to prophesy among the credulous pagans of Europe -- endorsed Paul's "way of salvation." (Acts 16:16) (See our article.) While Luke would have to know that should raise concerns among followers of Jesus about the validity of Paul's demon-backed gospel, it now makes sense why Luke included this. For Nero would be strongly influenced to acquit Paul, as he did in this trial. (See link.) Luke's success had likely very much to do with including that event with the Python Priestess. For Nero was a pagan through-and-through.


Isaiah 28: Trusting SHA'UL versus the Foundation Stone.


In 2015, I stumbled across another pivotal prophesy in the Law & Prophets naming Paul by name. See link. It says in opposition to a "foundation stone" laid at Jerusalem -- which passage Jesus invoked about himself -- would come one named S'HL. While that is typically translated in English as if the Hebrew word is SHEOL -- the grave, one needs to know S'HL can be transliterated in the Hebrew as SHA' UL. This is in English translated as SAUL, Paul's Hebrew name.

Isaiah prophesies that Yahweh says instead of following the "foundation stone," many people will form a covenant with S'HL, believing S'HL will grant them protection when the "whip" passes through -- a symbol of judgment. Why do the people make this decision to hold a covenant with S'HL to avoid God's judgment, and reject the foundation stone laid by Yahweh in Jerusalem who provides a true delivery message? Because the people of the covenant with S'HL have taken "refuge in lies." 


New Main Articles.

There have been 44 articles posted on the Further Reading page since the last newsletter. The top fifteen which I suggest you read are: 

45.  Jesus's View of Grace Contrasted to Paul's (5/6/2016) -- This is very convicting - be warned!
[UPDATE 7/4/2018: Similar fabrication to Acts 15:5 and 21:25 in 10th Century Western text which underlies KJV's Greek text source. This helped the anti-Law position. See NOTE at end of article.]
73. Elder Dismisses Jesus' Words (3/3/2018) - Introduction to JWO Revised 2018 
84. The Pandemic of Paulinism  (3/25/2020) 
JWO Church In Bangladesh
Well, spontaneously, people have formed Jesus-centric fellowships to escape the dominant Pauline fare almost everywhere. I received in March 2020 a most interesting email. Someon started a JWO-based church named after the Essenes. A former Baptist is the main speaker. No call for tithes from the listeners. Just the word of Jesus. I was asked if they could adapt my article 24 Contradictions by Paul of Jesus, and circulate. I replied as long as no money is requested to receive it. This is what David S. wrote in response - which I include here to encourage others to follow this example. A JWO church is far easier to set up than any other church. It can be in fields, in one's home, etc. Do not aim to create the need for church buildings. So here goes: 

Yes, Doug, Jesus as the Messiah and the only Way.  We disagree with the Trinity.  The Father is the only God.  Paul is a false apostle and teaches the opposite of Jesus.  I use the scripture and reasoning from JesusWordsOnly site as substantiation for my beliefs.

I met a friend in Bangladesh that is inspired by what I believe is the Truth.  He was a recently promoted Baptist minister.  He quit the Baptist church.  He recognized what I say and how I reason as True.  He is speaking to growing crowds and meetings up to 100 now.  They speak in Dhaka and all over Bangladesh. 

We agreed on a name for our new church which is Essenes Church of Jehovah.  I prefer Yahweh but I gave him his choice of which name to use since he is the active one and I sit in a recliner.

My contribution in money is pitiful but if Jehovah will this will grow.   I am starting with a mere $100 to print these pamphlets.  I will make bullet points on the 24 contradictions for the document. 

I will alternate spreading the word with free handouts and that money going to the starving. Once we have some history we will seek funding through GoFundMe and any other way we can figure out.   

All church funds are spent on spreading the word freely.  They have no building.  I recently convinced him not to request tithes. 

We accept gifts of charity but we go to no individual asking for money.  There are 3 workers in Bangladesh.  All secure their own living separately from the church.  I recently discouraged the use of the title "Pastor".  Jesus is the only Teacher.  

We speak of how we decided to live and Love Jesus and Jehovah but we do not try to convert.  We feel each must make their own decision.  Our experiences and beliefs are only guides for those that agree.  We do not attempt to put ourselves between the bond of an individual and Jesus.   

So rest assured we seek no profit.  Right now our funds come from the gifts of the 4 workers for our charity.  Our materials and our aid will always be free. 

Thank you. David



Newsletter August 15, 2015

Hi everyone

In the last 1.5 years, there are lots of new developments on the Jesus' Words Only issue and the problem of Paulinism.

Farrell's Kindle Book: A new good book was written by Lee Farell entitled Paulianity on Kindle.  For $2.99, you can pick it up at this link at Amazon: Farrell's Paulianity.

New Articles of Note. As to updates on the website, let me highlight a few developments since October 2013 -- our last newsletter:

1. There is a new book section called Commands of Jesus (Yahshua).  They are succinct and easy to remember. See this link.

2. There are now 16 new articles since our last newsletter under Paulinism on the Recommended Reading page

However, I have selected six which I recommend as most interesting with the links active if you click:

73. Are These Evil Immoral Commands / Teachings of Paul? Applying Matthew 7:15 et seq. (5/31/2014)

Please stay in touch, and let me know any thoughts, comments, praises of God's work in your life, etc.

I post positive comments to encourage our community at the Reviews page. Blesssings of Yah be on each of you, in Messiah's name of Yahshua,


Newsletter October 1, 2013

Hi Everyone

Many of you have asked me to periodically update you on additions to the website. It has been almost a year since I last wrote you all. So many new articles since then can be found on the Further Reading tab. 
I still think the most important article is one from 2011 -- whether Paul truly met Jesus on the Road to Damascus. I substantially rewrote it 3 months ago so if you haven't seen the revision, I would recommend you take a look. Of significance, I found one commentator, Henry Alford, of 1868, describe clearly Jesus' warning was about an imposter coming in the wilderness claiming to be Jesus Himself that is not universally seen. This summary is muted in many current commentaries, perhaps out of realization that this warning by Jesus / Yahshua applies to Paul's Damascus vision of "Jesus." I also added a new conclusion that ties in that Joseph Smith equally claimed to have a non-universal vision of someone saying he was "Jesus' in the wilderness as Smith's very first spiritual experience. Our article also suggests modern Christianity does not raise Matthew 24 against Mormonism because it knows it would invalidate Paul. Rather than protect Christ, modern Christianity protects Paul by its muted response to Mormonism. Thus by muting the use of Matthew 24 against Mormonism, modern Christianity permits an even worse heresy to fester. Anyway, the article was recently redone, and you may find more information than before.
Another article you may find important is Luke is a Non-Pauline Gospel. Many in our own camp think because Luke tries to portray Paul favorably in Acts that Luke's Gospel is Pauline. It is not. It endorses the Law in ch. 16; teaches justification by repentance from sin in the unique Parable of the Pharisee & The Publican, and teaches faith is destroyed by sin in the Parable of the Sower; teaches the Pharisee's flaw was teaching tithing, and not the rest of the Law, etc. When we look to Acts, we find Luke compatibly portrays Paul as law-adherent when asked by James if Paul is guilty of "apostasia" from the Law of Moses (Acts 21); and again when responding to Felix in Acts 24:14 ("I believe in all points that are according to the Law & the Prophets"), etc. This proves Paul used his chameleon-strategy to keep law-adherent people, including Luke, from knowing his true views. Paul endorsed such a guile-strategy that he would act law-adherent around those who thought the Law continued in 1 Cor. 9:19-22. Hence, the Paul of Acts is precisely only what Paul wanted Luke to know about, by guilefully omitting teachings / claims in front of Luke that would make Luke reject Paul based upon what Luke knew was Jesus' teachings. I recommend this article so you can decide whether you should feel comfortable reading Luke's Gospel for devotions. I think so.
Finally, I recently encountered Numbers 12:1-12 which caused me to write the Jesus' Words Principle Explained. This article reviews that God-Yahweh has a priority of authority even within Scripture, where one voice trumps any lack of clarity in a lesser authority, etc. You might not think this is possible until you read Numbers 12:1-12. But there it is. And Moses' prophecy of The Prophet in Deut. 18:18-19 teaches The Prophet will trump all others because he is going to be on a higher intimacy than even Moses had with I AM.
Hence, the JWO principle is right there within the Law. So the "difficult to understand Paul," as Second Peter describes Paul's writings, is not a commendation to use him as an authority equal to Jesus or Moses. It signifies the opposite if one knows of Numbers 12:1-12.
If you do not wish to be on this mailing list in the future, please let me know. 
Blessings and Shalom,

Newsletter 12/8/2012
Hi everyone
I pray Yahweh's blessings and Shalom on all of you. I was reading a new website Problems with Apostle Paul, and noted that it alleged Paul lied in front of the Sanhedrin Court in Acts 26. If true, this is very material to whether Paul can speak for God, as so many assume. So if you are interested in the answer, please go to this link. Please share any comments or criticisms with me, and I can post anonymous comments at the end, as I often do.
By the way, the JWO website was down Wednesday-Thursday for maintenance. Everything is running fine now.

Newsletter November 27, 2012
Dear friends of Jesuswordsonly.com: 

We posted yesterday the below video which provides the conclusive evidence Jesus / Yashua warned us about the "Jesus" whom Paul met on the Road to Damascus. See this link -- http://youtu.be/NwMHfgn_Gsg  We pray it may edify each of you, and strengthen your walk. Please let me know your thoughts or comments. 
Blessings of Yahweh upon you all
Your Brother in Messiah, Doug
PS If you wish to be removed from the mailing list, please let me know.