If a later prophet with true signs & wonders diminishes a prior prophet, he is a false prophet.

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Jesus Words on Salvation Reviews

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Hi Cimo, August 2014

This book is a must read for all who are seeking for truth and or not afraid to challenging what you have been brought up believing from mainstream Christianity about redemption. As I read the author's findings and I double checked his references , I was impressed with the scholarship. This book is not for the faint of heart but for those who don't mind their foundational beliefs to undergo a quality test and to certify that what what they have placed in high esteem is either fool's gold or the real thing.



Thomas P. December 2013



Mr. D has done an excellent job of making it clear that for one to truly be saved and stay saved he or she must live in obedience to the Law and Commandments of God. He uses only the words of Jesus to prove it. We don't need the smooth doctrine of the modern preachers lifted from Paul who writes in such an ambiguous manner. I have come to this same conclusion on my own by studying only the words of Jesus as recorded by those who were actually with him while he was on earth, before I read this book. It only solidified it for me. Paul can't save you but his words as preached today can sure lead you astray.

Sarah Mauldin September 2013

This is a great book for all who want to understand what Jesus says about salvation. The author goes through all the places where Jesus talks about salvation and explains each one. The author believes that modern "Christianity" is antinomian because of its insistence on reading Jesus' words through Paul and not the other way around. Even if you reject the author's view of Paul, this is a great book on salvation. You will come away understanding what Jesus said more clearly. I think it is better written than John Macarthur's "Gospel According to Jesus."

The main thesis of this book is that Jesus has been set aside to follow Paul. The author is arguing that the disciple has eclipsed the teacher and this is not acceptable. According to the author, the chaos of some 30,000 different "Christian" denominations is due to people not following the plain words of Jesus. Douglas explains that modern "Christianity" is nothing more than the words of Paul about Jesus. (Paul never met Jesus "in the flesh" and bragged about learning nothing from those who spent years with the actual Jesus). There are many examples in this book of commentators twisting Jesus' words to fit Paul's message of "easy believism." Modern America's love affair with Paul and disregard of Jesus' actual words are due to pastoral authority, eldership, paid ministry, honorific titles, easy salvation, and ANTINOMIANISM. Jesus takes a back-seat to "everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial." Paul's message differs from "cut off right hands and pluck out right eyes" to "confess with your mouth and believe in your heart." If you don't realize how serious this is then consider Luther's insistence that the Book of James was "an epistle of straw and was written by some Jew who knew nothing of Christ." Luther's love affair with Paul was the basis of that statement. He also said if "anyone can reconcile Paul and James then I will give him my Doctor's cap and call myself a fool." At least Luther saw what the real issue was. There is and has never been any reconciliation between Paul and James. The author, in my opinion, proves that Jesus' words on salvation are at odds with Paul.

I read this book online before I purchased it and "Jesus Words Only." I recommend both books even if you don't agree with every point. These books are very easy to read and are top-noch scholarship. The author is a master of classical languages and is an attorney by profession. The author was a member of the Reformed church for years and is well acquainted with John Macarthur, Charles Hodge, John Calvin, Charles Ryrie, Zane Hodges, Luther, Carlstadt, etc. The section in the book on William Tyndale, Carlstadt, Luther and the history of the Reformation concerning Jesus/Paul is worth the purchase alone.

Check out the website called Jesus Words Only...both books ("Jesus Words Only" and "Jesus Words on Salvation") plus hundreds of quotes and articles are there for free. (9/21/2013)


Robert Goering, May 2013


Fantastic book. Satan has successfully deceived the majority of 'contemporary Christianity' with the lies of organized religion. This book will help you focus on the truth that Jesus taught as opposed to the two bit cheap grace that is being given away. Paul ... said everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved, although Jesus said "NOT EVERYONE who calls me Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven BUT THE ONE WHO DOES THE WILL OF MY FATHER IN HEAVEN." Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. Jesus is coming back to recompense to every man according to their deeds, according to Jesus. If someone like Paul comes along selling a short cut, it is only a short cut to hell. Jesus said the one who endures to the end will be saved....Paul said all have sinned, there is none righteous, but he is flatly [wrong] because in Ez 14 God Himself clearly states 4 times that Daniel, Job, and Noah [were] righteous.... Also Luke says John the Baptist's parents were blameless before God. Paul [erred] about everyone being a sinner.... Satan does not want you to make any attempt to obey, so he would rather you throw your hands up in the air and say "well how much is enough?"

The Roman Catholic Church proudly boasts of adding everything in the New Testament. It should contain the Gospels of Matthew and John only with the Revelation of John. Everything else is NOT the Word of God but the word of man, and no man has the right or authority to supersede the Word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Mr.T's other book, Jesus' Words Only, is also an excellent read. What is most amazing to me is all the so called Christians who slam the Mormons because they say Joseph Smith had only his own testimony to say he heard from God, but that is exactly that same thing Paul has done. Finally, all you who have believed Paul's [claim] about being saved by grace, please explain to me why not one time ever in any circumstance to anyone in any context did Jesus even mention the word grace. Not once. So how could the very foundation of your salvation be something Paul made up but Jesus never even mentions?...As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God.

Read Matthew 25:31-46. Jesus tells you right there, and it is NOT a parable, what HE Himself will judge all humans on. Anyone like Paul or the two bit cheap grace evangelists who promise you any other path to the Kingdom of God is a liar and speaking from the mouth of Satan. You can obey Paul, or you can obey Jesus Christ, but the two are completely incompatible and anyone who says otherwise is lying to you in an attempt to get your donations for tickling your ears.




John Parton, Dec. 2008


I discovered the author's work when a friend gave me a copy of his book on Paul. I found that book to be very helpful and was amazed at the amount of research, documentation and organization that went into that book. I liked that book so much that I read his book, Jesus's Words on Salvation and was pleased to see that it was written the same way. What a wonderful and insightful book. It should be a must read for every Christian that is serious about being a Christian and desires to be in the Kingdom. I am afraid that "cheap grace" teaching has blinded the eyes of most and they are going to be surprised that they were deceived by the very thing that they had put their faith and trust in, (the Christian religion). A very good book. I recommend it to everyone to read and give to their loved ones. (John Parton, 12/2008).



DS George, June 2008

I applaud the author for writing this book. While this book is both spiritually challenging and even at times disturbing, it is very, very refreshing. Out of all the books I have read outside the Bible, the author's books have provoked the most thought. The chapters are logical and quickly read, but the questions and concepts presented will follow you for years.

The author's main focus is in pointing out the dangers of modern cheap grace theology and how its proponents need to destroy or contort Jesus' words in order to sustain its doctrines. Perhaps what is most interesting is that the concept of cheap grace is not new. The author in "Jesus' Words on Salvation" and his previous book "Jesus Words Only" outlines in detail the struggles within the Christian church's history to keep Jesus' true message of salvation pure. From the beginning of the Church, through its growth over the centuries, through the reformation, and to today, there has been an attempt (successfully) to marginalize Jesus' message. The author's works, like those in the centuries before him, are an effort to win back Christians to the message of Christ. The history presented by the author is eye opening. The book's preface documenting the changes of Tyndale and Martin Luther's theology from youth to maturity is fascinating. I recommend that the readers of this book take the time to read all of the author's footnotes.

Though the author challenges the concepts and doctrines of cheap grace, his call for believers to follow the words of Jesus are for every Christian and denomination. All of us need to be honest with ourselves and put our Lord and Savior, and his teachings, first. As Christians, we need to ask ourselves who we are following, do the writings of men, or our interpretations of those writings - even of Paul - take precedence over the clear words of our Savior? Do we filter Jesus' words through Paul or our modern teachers, or should we filter their words through Jesus'? And if the messages differ, whose words should we follow? For me it's a simple answer, I will follow Jesus' words. For many Christians, however, the author's work is calling them to challenge their security and redirect their worship and devotion to God not man. A hard step for many to make in light of Jesus' message being obscured by today's Christianity. Nevertheless, honest consideration needs to be given to the arguments presented by the author. Everyone who calls himself a Christian should read this book.


Debbie Took, May 2008


Just believe and you're saved!' Ever heard that? Sounds so neat! So EASY. 'What, so it doesn't matter what we do - we'll still be OK?'

A lot of people do believe that. Shortly before I read Doug's 'Jesus' Words Only' (the precedessor to this volume) I attended an evangelical church for a short time. One Sunday the pastor became very agitated, threw his arms up and yelled how grateful he was to Jesus for saving him - 'Thank you, thank you, Lord, I don't have to be good!' He actually said that. When I told him that I thought that, actually, we did have to be good, his response was 'I don't have to be perfect - I'm human!'.

So is it enough to just believe and we're saved? Or do we have to do more than that? 'The devils also believe, and tremble.' (James 2:19) And, as Doug so eloquently explains, real problems for the 'believe and you're saved' brigade come when we examine what Jesus Himself actually said about salvation, rather than what various human beings since then, often in positions of great power, would like to be the case....

Doug explains how the 'doctrine of cheap grace' claims we receive an irrevocable covering of all future sin upon faith alone, i.e., that Jesus' atoning blood washes us permanently, that, even if we sin, we will always be saved. And haven't human beings welcomed this message! Phew - doesn't matter what I do. Just believe and we're saved - phew again!

But, actually, Jesus' message is simple and unequivocal. As William Tyndale said: 'For God offereth mercy upon the condition that he (the listener) will mend his living.' Yes, there are conditions! William Tyndale was responsible for getting the Bible out to the masses, so we could read the actual words said rather than 'the commandments of men'. Needless to say, he wasn't popular with everyone....

We are expected to obey the will of our Father through our actions - through our WORKS. In the metaphor of the vine (John 15), we read that the branch that is not producing fruit is taken away; it's thrown outside and burned. Those who follow the doctrine of cheap grace don't want to hear this however....

As Doug shows us, Jesus' words do actually make things crystal clear. For example, in Matthew 7:21 we read, 'Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.'

As Doug says, the Sermon on the Mount isn't a list of 'impossible virtues.' It is a list of requirements for salvation clearly stated.

Human beings are always trying to bend the rules, and preachers are no exception, but of course the tragedy is that their wriggling risks not only their own damnation but also that of those they have ensnared with their attractive 'short-cut' route to heaven.

The doctrine of cheap grace is just 'chinese whispers'. This book takes us back to the source. Thank you, Doug.

C.M.Jones July 2008

The author has composed a very logical and good follow-up to his work in "Jesus Words Only." After exposing a major wound of the traditional Christian establishment with his work in "Jesus Words Only," this book, "Jesus Words on Salvation" provides the student (and hopefully all Christians are students) with a large amount of detailed information which offers answers to most questions which may arise after the almost certain reverberations one experiences upon accepting the "non-traditional" truth which is the crux of "Jesus Words Only."

"Jesus Words on Salvation" proves to be a quite scholarly effort by the author, and an effort which provides the reader with insight into some of the more thought provoking scriptures from the first century. The author's work is detailed, well-researched and worthy of the attention of all followers of the Messiah. I highly recommend that this book is one which has a place in any Christian library.

Writer's Digest Review 16th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards (Nov. 2008)

This is an amazing academic study of the Bible on Salvation. Itemizing and explaining every reference to the subject, the author proves his point or premise convincingly, comprehensively and with authenticity. A lifelong student of the Bible, the author writes decidedly, following his heartfelt challenge of Bonhoeffer's longheld belief. Students of the Bible will be mesmerized by this author's scholarship, his knowledge of the Bible, and his identification of Satan's subtle influences. Few would dispute his findings--or find an author more knowledgeable.



I have begun "Jesus' Words On Salvation." I greatly appreciate the work that you've done. It is not simply good information. I find that throughout the reading of Jesus' Words Only and Jesus' Words on Salvation that I am at times overjoyed that someone speaks to coherence between Jesus and the OT in a plausible way; at times I am angered or deeply grieved at the Paulinist's treatment and cover-up of Jesus' point-blank truth and instruction that honors and magnifies the Law; at times overwhelmed by conviction and grief (to tears) at my own participation and trust in other's work that denies the supremacy of the word of Christ; and at times a deep, deep sorrow in several areas wherein I have chronically applied cheap grace to continue in sin. (D. 11/19/2018)

Our study group is reading Jesus' Words on Salvation and Jesus' Words Only.  We are really enjoying both books and learning so much.  

I have downloaded both books.  If someone wants them, I will share. (N. 9/23/2016)

I just starting reading Jesus' Words On Salvation, and would like to thank you for creating such worthy material. (Spencer July 11, 2013)

When you have time you should read this article about Norman Shepherd [which criticizes him]. This professor (who used to teach at Westminster in Philadelphia) was fired or forced to step down due to his rejection of faith alone. He is called a heretic by a lot of people in Reformed circles because of his position. Notice, the verses used to critique Shepherd are two verses in Romans. I will eventually order Shepherd's book and I will bet that he is right on the money. 
I have read most of Jesus Words on Salvation and two chapters of Jesus Words Only. The section on the canon is very shocking considering what took place with the Book of Enoch. Jude authorizes Enoch but Catholicism says no. Second Peter is rejected by Calvin which takes away the argument that Peter endorsed Paul if this book is taken out of the canon.
I read Jeremiah 7 last night and his words are consistent with your words. He is describing a group of people who know who God is and are very religious but they are law breakers. He tells them to repent and amend their ways (NKJV) and not think they can say the "temple of the Lord." Later on in that chapter he tells them to "Obey My Voice, and I will be your God and  you will be my people...walk in the ways I have commanded you so that it will go well with you." (Shane July 12, 2013)

I finished reading Chapter 9 - Pharisees Error. It's excellent!!! As you say, to correct this erroneous view about the pharisees being strict observant of the law is essential to understand correctly Jesus' message about salvation. Very enlightening! Thanks so much once more. Blessings  
Roberto (1/14/2013) 

Although we have not met or spoken, I am compelled to put in writing something of eternal significance. The role you played in Mark's life and destiny is priceless. Don't Stop! A. (12/25/2012) 

Hey brother, I'm having a great time reading your book. Bro. Jose (12/25/2012) 

I just find it amazing that I've been given (freely received - freely given) this amazing source of material on all these teachings based solely upon the teachings of the master - Jesus.
They are not corrupted by Paul's teachings and seek to refute the adversary. P.S. Anyone who believes Jesus and not Paul, I will recommend reading this book! Jesus' Word on Salvation! (S. 9/10/2012.)

My mom is still holding the studies and has actually started a second class during the week! The second one is for couples or males.  My dad is sitting through this one : )
She is teaching from Jesus Words on Salvation(currently on chapter ten) and everyone is learning a lot. (Liz. June 30, 2011)

I wrote to you a few months ago requesting a Spanish translation of your book Jesus' Words on Salvation for my sweet mother.  So much has happened since then (good and bad), I wanted to update you on some of those events.

First of all, my mother has been holding bible studies every week at her home where 20-25 ladies have been gathering to learn what our Messiah had to say on salvation.  My mom provided all of them with notebooks and they have been very faithful to bring them every week  and have been taking notes on every lesson given.  There is a great hunger for truth! I was the chosen one to help her translate every chapter of your book (currently on chapter 5) while my sister in law has joined the cause and has created a power point presentation for every lesson with all the bible verses and charts that you provide in your work.  The ladies keep coming back every week because their eyes are being open to the truth!  Unfortunately, something they have never been exposed to.

My mother and I have learned so much too through the painstaking work of translating every word in your book while preparing for her class.  We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your excellent work.  (Liz. April 27, 2011.)

Everyone should also read Jesus Words Only on Salvation!!!!' (Mary Frank R. at Facebook "Jesus Words Only" Website 4/4/2011 (not affiliated with me)

Jesus' Words on Salvation...It has been such a blessing in my life. (Liz. December 30, 2010).

I am reading your book "Jesus Words Only on Salvation" It is very good and well written. Bravo! I am recommending it to people.........Will (May 27, 2010).

My wife and I did some digging concerning your John 3:16 study and have been very excited.  We began by looking at John 3:16, 36.  We then found 1Peter 4:17.  1Peter ties these together nicely as it is translated in the KJV as "obey not", as compared to "believe not".  The significance being it proves the thesis (peithos) must properly mean "obey" if the antithesis (apitheio) means "obey not".  When we began looking at the clever translational words used by Luke (in Acts) and by Paul (in Romans and others) and in the letters of John and in The Revelation, we found that the word faith (pistis) is rooted in (peithos) and means also, "obey".  When this was then applied to John 2:11 as one of many examples we have found exceptional clarity, Messiah manifested His Glory and the apostles (the first 6) obeyed. I hope you don't mind I'm only combing over chapter 26 [of Jesus' Words on Salvation].  It is sometimes a struggle to temper my appetite for reading with the depth of testing we are convicted to pursue....I'll continue to pass along anything I come across and would love to discuss the elements of your work we have particular thoughts on. (Kevin G. May 14, 2010.)


[This blog exchange below makes my point that Jesus is blatantly marginalized by those claiming to be Christians due to their adherence to Paul. Here is the pro-Paul blogger first, and then the answer by the pro-JWO blogger. First, Raelyn [pro-Paul participant] criticizes my view of relying upon Jesus' lessons in messages like this:]

Don't waste your time with the parables. I am not interested and pretty much done with the legalism on this thread. (Raelyn)

[In response, Christy who instead accepts Jesus' Words Only says:]

This is the website I was referring to --- http://jesuswordsonly.github.io/JWOS/jesuswordssalvation.html It's an awesome site and nothing but scripture is used....Jesus words only. Christy (1/15/2010)